rice, soup, bread, a magazine, water

New Vocabulary

kaufen to buy

Sie kaufen eine englische Zeitung. You buy an English newspaper.

Reis rice

Ich esse Reis. I eat rice.

Suppe soup

Der Junge isst Suppe. The boy eats soup.

Brot bread

Ich kaufe Brot. I buy bread.

eine Zeitschrift a magazine

Die Frau liest eine Zeitschrift. The woman reads a magazine.

Wasser water

Er trinkt Wasser.He drinks water.




FormDefinite Form
NominativeDie Tische
AccusativeDie Tische
DativeDen Tischen
GenetiveDer Tische


Plural form have different endings: n/en, r/er, e and s. But sometimes the nouns do not change. Some nouns do not have plural form e.g. das Obst (fruit), die Milch (milk)